5106 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL
Ph: 773-907-8255
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we accept new patients?

Yes, please see the insurance list that we currently accept. We try to accommodate your appointment for your personal needs.
If possible, fill out the new patient information sheet and the health history questionnaire prior to your visit in hopes of expediting your appointment. Please bring your all medications including herbal and over the counter medication with you. Additionally, on the day of the visit bring your insurance card and State ID. Preferably, please fax your insurance card a few days prior to your visit so that we can check your benefits and eligibility.

2. Do we accept the new Medicaid patients?

We do not accept new Medicaid patients except if current patients lose their private insurance and take up Medicaid.

3. If I want to change my physician do I have to bring my records?

If you have certain records at home please bring them in. However, if they are at a physician’s office, then we can request them for you. You are required to simply sign a “release of information” form.

4. How do I receive refills?

We attempt to see patients with chronic conditions every three months, since we have the best compliance and disease management. Ordinarily, patients get prescriptions at the time of visit. In case a patient is unable to be seen by the doctor, he or she may contact our office for refills. We will review the patient’s chart and refill the necessary medication. In certain cases, our office will let you know if you need to come in for a visit.

5. What other services do we offer?

We are affiliated with MedStar and Quest Diagnostic Labs. We do venipuncture in the office and blood is forwarded to the one of those labs for processing depending on your insurance card.
In addition, we have an EKG machine and a brand new state of the art ultrasound machine. Currently, we provide ultrasounds of the abdomen and thyroid gland for self pay patients only.

6. Can I e-mail the physician questions?

E-mails are not accepted for medical questions; however, general office questions will be answered within 48 hours.

7. Which hospitals are we affiliated with?

We are affiliated with Swedish Covenant Hospital, Thorek Memorial Hospital, and Weiss Memorial Hospital.